The architectural magazine Domes features the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

The architectural magazine Domes features the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
16 OCTOBER 2017

An editorial tribute to the different perspectives of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) that manifests Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) continuous commitment to Greece and its future. Domes, a magazine focusing on architectural design, is hosting architectural pieces from junior to senior talented architects, from all over the world.

The February/March Issue is dedicated to the SNFCC, chronicling of the realization of this magnificent project.

The issue of Domes presents the complexity of the project and explains in detail the reason of every architectural and domical choice of its creators. Renzo Piano, the architect of SNFCC, Chairman and Founding Partner of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, stated “The idea at the base of the entire project is to recreate the strong connection between the city and the sea, lost over the years. This connection has now been re-established in both directions: from the sea to the city, by creating along the main axes of penetrations, channels of water, areas of vegetation and tree-lined avenues that lead towards the great park along the seafront.’’ 

In the February/March 2017 Domes issue, the project coordinators are sharing their own experience on this journey. The journey of creating the SNFCC, constructing the new facilities of the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera and the Stavros Niarchos Park. They are discussing about their collaboration with SNFCC regarding the design and the implementation of the project. Especially, I. Ventourakis, architect and co-founder of Betaplan says: “Betaplan gained a lot of valuable experience from this collaboration, on the on hand, in the design of projects of this complexity, carried out in co-operation with practices from all over the world, and, on the other hand in the application of advanced communications systems. This new approach has remained as a legacy with our practice, and has altered the way in which we try to handle our work more generally’’.

To read the editorial attribute to the SNFCC, click here.