The Therapeutic Riding Center of Serres (KETHIS) Celebrates 10 Years of Operation
19 September 2017

The Therapeutic Riding Center of Serres (KETHIS) celebrated ten years of contribution and essential volunteer-led social activity with a series of anniversary activities held between September 15th and September 17th.

Since its establishment, KETHIS has been implementing treatment programs that involve interactions between patients and horses as viable therapeutic means, with the aim of stimulating physical health, improving psychological and emotional wellbeing and facilitating social integration of children and adults suffering from physical and/or mental conditions. The therapeutic horseback riding activities are held under the guidance and support of a scientific team which includes a riding instructor, specialized therapy professionals and educators, and are complemented by educational programs and environmental awareness and education activities addressed to all.

The SNF has supported KETHIS’ activities through grants for the implementation of infrastructure works, specifically for the construction of horse stables and other supporting structures (storage space etc.), as well as for the employment of full-time staff members.

During the three-day celebrations, artistic and theatrical happenings, a photography competition, music events and many more creative activities were held within and outside the premises of KETHIS.