National Herald: “Action of unparalleled human sensitivity” the new SNF grant initiative in the health sector
08 September 2017

The newspaper National Herald hosts an op-ed by the publisher, Mr. Antonis Diamataris, regarding the new SNF grant initiative for the support of the health sector in Greece.

Mr. Diamataris, in view of the new SNF initiative, makes a general comment on “the breadth” of the SNF grants, as well “the wisdom” showcased by the Foundation in the selection of the grants, highlighting that “what is remarkable is the strategic reasoning, care and the criteria for a broad and long-lasting impact manifested in the selection of the grants” . To further support his argument, the writer, on the occasion of the French President’s visit to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, notes that the SNFCC “has brought such a change in the way we view Athens that it can be compared to the establishment of the Parthenon“.

Finally, the article refers to the SNF initiative to support the health sector in Greece as “an action of unparalleled human sensitivity”, quoting the SNF's Co-President, Mr. Andreas Dracopoulos, who has noted the “multiple benefits that a transparent collaboration between the private and public sector has to offer, especially when it concerns a philanthropic cause”.

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