Educational campaign in schools and museums about the importance of sports, with the SNF’s support
29 September 2017

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supports the educational program “36 hours to Sparta” for the promotion of sports and physical education, which includes the production of the short documentary of the same name, which is complemented by educational activities.

The educational program aims to raise awareness of the significance of sports across the younger generation, through teaching materials, as well as a series of events and lectures from experts or athletes, and it is combined with the screening of the short-film in schools and museums across Greece. Archeological museums will also participate in the program, featuring exhibits inspired by sports in Ancient Greece.

The documentary “36 hours to Sparta” follows four Greek athletes as they race the ultra-distance marathon Spartathlon, capturing their effort to cover, within 36 hours, the demanding distance of 245 kilometers, from Greece to Sparta, pushing themselves to the limits both mentally and physically. The SNF has been supporting the ultramarathon Spartathlon, as a sports event of great historical and cultural significance.

The short documentary is based on the full duration documentary “Ultra: Τhe Real Marathon”, which will premiere in Greece, on October 3rd, 2017, marking the opening of the CineDoc 2017-2018 documentary festival.

Trailer: 36 hours to Sparta

Trailer: Ultra: Τhe Real Marathon