One year with the SNFCC, the home SNF created for all!
16 August 2017

A year has already passed since the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) opened its doors to the public, offering all visitors the opportunity to get to know the new space, to explore the new facilities of the Greek National Opera, the National Library of Greece, as well as the Stavros Niarchos Park, and to create their first memories of, what was back then, the new urban destination.

Following the completion of its construction, the SNFCC was introduced to the public for the first time in June 2016, through the open, four-day celebration Metamorphosis: The SNFCC to the World , featuring a cultural program of performances, creative family activities and exhibits. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF),  wishing to thank people for their immediate and warm response during the June events, as well as to give them the chance to develop strong and meaningful ties with the project, early last August, announced a new program of monthly open events, with the desire to keep the SNFCC in constant dialogue with the public until its official delivery to the Greek State, the legal owner of the project, in the beginning of 2017. 

Within these first twelve months, the SNFCC has become a communal meeting point for culture, education and entertainment, fulfilling its vision to provide a sustainable, dynamic, open to all, public space. In that time, the SNFCC has welcomed almost 1,5 million visitors of all ages, both from Greece and abroad, and hosted more than 2,500 open activities and events, thanks to the exclusive grant of the SNF.

The SNFCC’s design, construction and full equipment is the largest single grant of the SNF. The monthly events taking place at the SNFCC are free of charge and implemented with an exclusive grant from the SNF. In February 2017, following the completion of the SNFCC’s construction, the SNF delivered the SNFCC as a gift to the Greek State and the Greek society, the legal owner of the project. At the same time, the SNF announced its commitment to continue supporting the SNFCC for the following five years, through grants totaling up to €50 million for the implementation of public programming and for covering SNFCC’s operational costs.