Military veterans go back to school through the Warrior-Scholar Project, with the SNF’s support
16 August 2017

Since 2011, the Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP), an initiative undertaken by Yale University graduates, has been providing support to American enlisted military veterans by facilitating their successful transition from the battlefield to the civilian life and specifically to higher education.

A large number of enlisted veterans have entered the military upon graduating high school, causing many of them to feel discouraged from proceeding with their academic course, after the completion of their military service, due to their long absence from the classroom.

Through a series of free of charge, intensive academic workshops (“bootcamps”) taking place at some of the most prestigious Universities in the U.S., the WSP’s participants are enabled to develop and rediscover the skills and confidence necessary to achieve success in the classroom, as well as assume leadership roles on campuses nationwide.

CBS’s This Morning television show reported on the WSP initiative, featuring interviews with WSP’s scholars, as well as academics at three college campuses.

The SNF has supported the WSP enabling the creation of a STEM intensive course, as well as the program’s expansion to more campuses.

To watch the CBS segment on the WSP, click here.