The SNF Lead Donor of the 5th Syros International Film Festival
17 July 2017

The Syros International Film Festival returns for the fifth summer, this year aspiring to reflect the power of synergies between different art forms, unique film experiences and traditions from all over the world.

For six days, from July 14th to July 19th, image, motion, discourse, sound and music converse and interrelate with the scenery of Syros, the island’s history, cultural and architectural heritage. Simultaneous and consecutive events, drive-in screenings, workshops and performances, animation, short films and documentaries raise questions regarding the nature of cinema, while engaging the public in a sociopolitical dialogue, beyond ideological and national boundaries.

Taking the phrase “Cracking Up” as a starting point, this year’s event plays with the notion of normality, or its illusion, in every dimension of social life, inviting visitors on a manic journey of exaggeration, laughter and uncertainty.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supports the 5th Syros International Film Festival, as a Lead Donor.

For further information regarding the 5th Syros International Film Festival, you can visit its official website

Speech by Katerina Triantafyllou, Program Officer, SNF