Positive Planet France inaugurates the first entrepreneurship space in Lyon’s suburbs “La Cocotte”
07 July 2017

On Friday, July 7th, SNF Grantee Positive Planet France inaugurated the first entrepreneurship space in Lyon’s suburbs “La Cocotte”, founded in partnership with micro-finance expert association ADIE.

The event hosted private and public partners as well as entrepreneurs involved in the organisation’s programs. La Cocotte will serve as a hub of activity in the community of Venissieux, offering a co-working space for local entrepreneurs as well as access to information and training sessions, created with the support of the SNF, and networking opportunities. 

The SNF has supported since 2015 the organization’s ‘Entrepreneurship in the Suburbs’ program in the region, reaching over 1300 people in underprivileged areas and accompanying beneficiaries in the creation of 250 jobs.

Speech by Charis Desinioti, Program Officer, SNF