Kathimerini on the Performance by Theater of War at the Summer Nostos Festival
03 July 2017

Kathimerini hosts an interview with director Bryan Doerries regarding the performance of Antigone in Ferguson by the Theater of War that took place as part of the Summer Nostos Festival 2017.

In Antigone in Ferguson, ancient drama and modern reality are juxtaposed in the context of a dynamic public dialogue with regard to events of state violence and discrimination in modern age.  At each performance, a cast of acclaimed actors presents a dramatic reading of scenes from Sophocles’ Antigone, while the choruses are performed by a gospel choir composed of 12 singers from St. Louis. Theater of War Productions presents theater-based projects that address pressing public social issues, through the presentation of dramatic readings and creative open dialogue that promotes compassion, empathy, understanding and positive action. Using theater to build a common vocabulary, dramatic writing and real testimonies come together to help the audience reach catharsis, similar to the one experienced by the audience in ancient Greek drama, through a process of artistic liberation of individual expression. All events are free to the public and feature leading film, theater, and television actors.

Acknowledging the innovative nature as well as the significant social impact of the team’s work, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), has been supporting Theater of War Productions from its early beginning. In that spirit, SNF has, since March 2017, renewed its support by exclusively funding the realization of artistic events, taking place within the next two years in more than 60 locations in the greater area of New York.

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