The SNFCC on the French television network France 5
02 June 2017

The weekly thematic television show “SILENCE, ça pousse!”, which presents gardening and nature features, held a tribute on the Stavros Niarchos Park, which is introduced as an architectural and natural marvel.

The presenter of the show, Mr. Stéphane Marie, toured the premises of the Park, accompanied by the Stavros Niarchos Park and Landscaping Manager, Ms. Μiyon Yoo. 

Following a brief reference on the historical and geographical backgrounds of the location, the discussion focused on how Renzo Piano approached the design for both the Park and the SNFCC overall. Subsequently, the Stavros Niarchos Park was described as a majestic green area, a large garden that converses respectfully with the environment and the Athenian landscape, while among the issues discussed were the sound management of water, as well as the rich variety of Mediterranean plants in the Park.

A brief interview with the landscape architect, Ms. Helli Pagkalou, followed, where she explained the materials used in the Park, while mentioning that it is intriguing to see how the Park and its rich vegetation will be utilized in a few years’ time, once it has matured. 

To watch the segment on the SNFCC (from 28:30 to 34:35), please see here.