Launch of the Mind the Fact Festival, with the SNF support
26 May 2017

Friday, May 26th, marks the official launch of the first Mind the Fact Festival, an innovative festival of art, culture and social solidarity.

The Festival will take place until Monday, May 29th and through a series of original and different events and happenings, such as theatrical performances, installations and exhibitions, aspires to shed light on real-life events with protagonists the people who lived them.

At the first Mind the Fact Festival, socially vulnerable groups, people with otherwise limited access to arts, in collaboration with professional artists within the performing, applied and fine arts fields present the result of nine artistic workshops, in different locations in the center of Athens, including the OSY Old Railway Υard, the Society of Greek Archeologists, the Athens Town Hall and the Hotel Ermou.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supported, through a grant, the operation of these nine workshops throughout the year, as well as the presentation of their art works - real-life documents at the Mind the Fact Festival.

The first day, the Festival welcomes its guests at the Athens Town Hall with a photography exhibition by young photographers, a collaborative initiative between the photography workshop photo_opPORTunity and the Piraeus Minors Supervision Department/Agency (Τμήμα Επιμελητών Ανηλίκων Πειραιά), as well as with a theatrical performance focusing on stories of young teenagers, organized by the workshop The world while growing up and the Athens Minors Protection Agency.

For more information regarding the Mind the Fact Festival and the detailed program of events, click here.