05 MAY 2017 / Spring at the SNFCC

Spring is upon us and the Stavros Niarchos Park has blossomed in full. We would like to thank the landscape architect, Helli Pangalou for sharing with us beautiful images from the Park which capture the vibrant colors and wonderful smells.

Poppies,  lentisc, cistus, salvias, lavender, roses, rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme,  are just some of the shrubs, of the flowers and the herbs one sees when visiting the Stavros Niarchos Park. Even though the Park has opened to the public for less than a year it has already become part of the city’s everyday life.

Athletes who run or exercise, children jumping around at the water jets and playing on the grass, visitors strolling at the Canal, reading their book, doing yoga, or attending a music concert are just some of the more than 1.000.000 visitors that have visited the Stavros Niarchos Park and the SNFCC since June 2016.