Zagori Excellence Network presented the project Sense Zagori
31 March 2017

On Wednesday, March 29, ZEN (Zagori Excellence Network) presented the completion of the first phase of its project, Sense Zagori, funded by the SNF.

The Sense Zagori project includes the development of innovative applications and solutions aimed at creating direct benefits for the institutions and the people of Zagori, highlighting the wider region and contributing to the creation of sound conditions for growth. The project involves the development of a set of digital tools, providing a wide range of possibilities and services, highlighting the region’s cultural and natural beauty and connecting the real world to the digital one.  

With this grant, the SNF provided the impetus for the creation of a good practice, which is embraced and strengthened by the local community and other stakeholders. 

ZEN (Zagori Excellence Network) is a collaborative initiative by businesses that are active in the wider area of Zagori, aiming at promoting the region through a high-quality application for culture and tourism. Collaborators include the University of Athens and local organizations, contributing to the model of partnership and active involvement by the local community.