Chatham House in conversation with Starfish
08 March 2017

It is always a true pleasure and source of great pride that we see our partners work together, exchange experience and best practice, and share common vision and goals.

In this case, a world-renowned research center and long standing partner to the Foundation, Chatham House,  is in conversation with a local grassroots organization (Starfish) with tremendous impact during the peak of the refugee crisis in Lesvos. At the same time, Starfish has just completed a capacity building workshop, selected by the educational initiative for nonprofits HIGGS.

These partnerships showcase the importance of our support to different organizations with diverse impact:  Chatham House is an international renowned leader in policy making; Starfish is a grassroots volunteer effort created as a result of the refugee crisis; and HIGGS was set up as the result of a proactive initiative by the Foundation. Such collaborations come to verify our faith in the mentality and impactful work of all these organizations; but primarily, they stress how entirely different aspects of non-profit work from our partners - from saving lives on the ground to educating on growth and sustainability to shaping international public policy – come together to create synergies that make the world a better place.

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