“Caring with Art”. Museum of Greek Children’s Art exhibition opening with the SNF support
30 January 2017

On Saturday, January 28th, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art inaugurated the exhibition “Caring with Art. From the ego’s microcosm to the world of we”.

The exhibition is dedicated to the notion of coexistence showcasing 122 children’s paintings and 3D works. The show is part of the multifaceted project ‘Caring with Art’ realized by the Museum of Greek Children’s Art through an exclusive grant of the SNF. The project will unfold through various activities up to September 2017, aspiring to assist through the arts in forming a cohesive society, and encourage the notions of solidarity and collectivity from infancy. 

Educational workshops addressed to 2,000 kindergarten and primary school students, and special programs designed for vulnerable groups, are organized in the context of the exhibition.

The exhibition is curated by Art Historian, and Vice President of the Museum, Mrs Iris Kritikou.

From further information please visit the official website of the Museum of Greek Children’s Art.