SNFCC: The first 80 days (August - October 2016)
03 November 2016

Beginning in mid-August of 2016, when the SNFCC opened its doors to the public through a series of free events the project welcomes on a weekly basis more than 35,000 visitors. The SNF will hand over the SNFCC to the Greek State in early 2017. During the transition phase, the Foundation continues its mission to introduce the project to the public through a daily and dynamic program of free public events that offers visitors an opportunity to experience the SNFCC’s programmatic potential, and its place as an urban destination for everyone.

All the events are made possible through the exclusive support of the Foundation, which is presently in charge of the project, until the completion of the delivery process to the Greek State. Through these programs that, combine athletic, educational and artistic activities, the Foundation seeks to engage the public in an open dialogue about the SNFCC and to build substantive relationships that will continue during its official operation by the Greek State, the rightful owner of the project.