Interactive Musical Planetarium
07 OCTOBER 2016

The Interactive Musical Planetarium is now being used at two children’s hospitals on either side of the Atlantic. Placed in both Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, USA, and Necker Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris, France, the planetarium provides a transatlantic connection between the two facilities, allowing children to interact with each other across the ocean.

This interactive digital art project is motion activated, and creates music based on the user’s movements. Visually, users see a starry sky, evoking a calm, dreamlike atmosphere. While the main units are placed in reception-waiting areas, an application has also been developed for tablets, providing access to the planetarium to children who are unable to leave their rooms.

The organization Art Dans la Cite with a SNF grant developed the Interactive Musical Planetarium with artist Adrien Garcia, and collaborated with both hospitals to install and implement the device.