20 JULY 2016 / The Super Puma helicopter extends its services with the SNF support

The Super Puma helicopter of the Hellenic Fire Department was acquired following an SNF grant in 2005 aiming to contribute to the more efficient firefighting and the more rapidly transfer of the 1st Catastrophe Management Unit (EMAK) to the vulnerable areas.

As of January 2016 the helicopter extends its services and participates in rescue operations,  in coordination of the Hellenic Fire Department, the National Emergency Center, and the Hellenic Air Force. During the low risk fire period, November 1st to May 1st ,the vehicle contributes to air ambulance services for the transport of paramedics and the operation of emergency medical cases. From January to May 2016, the helicopter has completed 159 flights, of a total 206 hours. 26 patients have traveled from the Greek islands to Athens, including two infants from Naxos.

The Super Puma helicopter is equipped with fourth-generation electronic systems. The helicopter can perform a multitude of roles, including searching for and extinguishing fires as well as performing rescue operations. It can transport 20 firefighters or the EMAK (Catastrophe Management Unit) team and can be converted into an aerial ambulance. Since the commence of its operation it has fulfilled 1.423 flight hours.

Data for the period January-May 2016

Aero medical transports to Athens:

4/1 14-day infant from Naxos

12/1 Infant from Naxos

13/1 Male patient from Syros

19/1 Male patient from Syros

21/1 Male patient from Syros

22/1 Male patient from Paros

28/1 Three patients from Syros and Mykonos

31/1 Two patients from Tinos and Paros

5/2 Female patient from Naxos

6/2 Two male patients from Paros and an infant from Syros

8/2 Male patient from Paros

13/2 Female patient from Mylos

20/2 Male patient from Syros

21/2 Male patient from Paros

24/2 Male patient from Naxos

25/2 Male patient from Syros

29/2 Female patient from Mylos

3/3 Male patient from Naxos

9/4 Female patient from Mykonos

10/4 Male patient from Syros

24/4 Infant from Mykonos

In addition, the helicopter participated in the investigation and rescue mission of the Hellenic Navy after the loss of the helicopter at the island of Kinaros transporting members of the 1st Catastrophe Management Unit (EMAK) of the Hellenic Fire Department, and on 6/3 it participated in the transportation of 13 firemen of the 1st EMAK for the fire extinction in Skopelos.


Number of flights: 159

Hours of flights: 206:34

Fires: 80:45

Aero medical transport: 66:30

Number of patients: 26

Rescue research: 08:50

Number of people transported: 209

Services to Governmental bodies: 23:55