23 MARCH 2016 / The SNF participates in the European Programme for Integration and Migration, by supporting NGOs that focus on the needs of unaccompanied children reaching Greece

Given the dramatic dimensions the refugee issue has reached in Greece and throughout Europe, and as part of its grants concerning the relief of refugee populations, the SNF participates in the European Programme for Integration and Migration - EPIM, for the support and implementation of actions focusing on the need for protection of unaccompanied children reaching Greece.

Specifically, the participation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in EPIM will involve the funding of proposals submitted by NGOs, which focus on the protection of unaccompanied children.

“Thousands of children reach our country unaccompanied and are lost unprotected, constituting the most vulnerable group experiencing multiple risks”, said Myrto Xanthopoulou, Program Coordinator of the Foundation’s Social Welfare team. “The SNF, as part of the two emergency grants, totaling €1.75 million, which it made available in order to contribute to the efforts addressing the refugee crisis in our country, actively participates in a pan-European network of large foundations supporting programs that focus on the protection of young children who were forced to make the journey to a strange country alone, in search of a better future.”

The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), an initiative of 12 European Foundations, has the goal of strengthening the role played by civil society in advocating for constructive approaches to migration in Europe. In this context, the protection of unaccompanied children and youth is only one of the issue areas within the migration context that EPIM addresses with its funding.  

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is the major donor of the Greek program for the reception and protection of unaccompanied children, cooperating closely with the Bodossaki Foundation and other foundations engaged in EPIM. 

The NGOs interested in submitting proposals, are invited to complete the application form available on EPIM’s website until March 31, 2016. 

For the more comprehensive treatment of the issue, the proposals to be supported, must contribute to achieving the following three objectives:

Identification: Build safe structures and networks at the first points of arrival and strengthen mechanisms for the proper identification and registration of unaccompanied children and youths, in order to be sent to the registration centers and main cities of transit. 

Protection: Provide alternatives to detention with the support of sustainable transit structures for unaccompanied children, and the further improvement of the guardian system for children and youth transiting through and/or establishing their life in Greece via, among others, building human capacity (social workers, psychologists, etc.).

Awareness-Raising: Raise awareness of the public, the local authorities and the competent institutions responsible for the reception of unaccompanied children and youth in Greece, with regards to the specific needs of this vulnerable population.