The Philanthropy Poster Project at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall
17 APRIL 2015

Until May 31st, the Philanthropy Poster Project will be hosted at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The Philanthropy Poster Project was first presented during the 3rd Annual International SNF Conference on Philanthropy.

Students of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, developed posters conveying the concept of Philanthropy through a visual perspective. A quote on Philanthropy was selected by each student, who then illustrated it in painting, design, or digital art. The marriage of words and images, offer a new dynamic in well –or lesser- known phrases and ideas.

The selection of the students’ 24 proposals reveal the manner with which young artists perceive the essence of giving in literal, symbolic, or exclusively aesthetic terms. Curated by Viktor Koen. Admission is free. The exhibition is realized with the support of the SNF.