The SNF was honored by Metavallon during its Impact Day event - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

The SNF was honored by Metavallon during its Impact Day event
05 MARCH 2015

On Tuesday, March 3rd 2015, the SNF received an award during Metavallon’s Impact Day event, celebrating its 3 years operation.

The one-day event included a series of workshops and pitching opportunities in front of Investors, Experts and peers. These workshops were based on the results of Metavallon’s survey and on the needs of most startups. The results of the survey were later presented and discussed with all participants, aiming to also showcase Metavallon’s impact from 2012 to date.

The SNF supports the “Startup Series”, an educational program for select students and graduates. The series comprises three parts, after the completion of which the students will have gained valuable entrepreneurial skills. The program relies on practical learning, visits to major startup centers and the guidance of experts. Thus, the students will be able to implement high impact ventures and act as incubators for economic activity throughout Greece.

Metavallon was founded in 2011, aiming to establish a supportive structure for early stage entrepreneurship, and foster a vibrant, collaborative environment, a much-needed element on the path to development and growth within an economy of scarcity.