Paul Gauguin exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel (Switzerland)
06 FEBRUARY 2015

As one of the great European cultural highlights in the year 2015, the Paul Gauguin exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler brings together some fifty masterpieces by Gauguin from leading international museums and private collections.

Gauguin’s ground-breaking paintings have become icons of modern art and are some of the most significant and valuable cultural treasures in the world. This exhibition will be on show until 28th June 2015 and will be a unique opportunity for the general public to experience Gauguin’s world-famous and rarely exhibited key works. The SNF is supporting this exhibition.

The Fondation Beyeler houses a collection of over 250 Post-Impressionists, Classical Modernist and contemporary paintings and drawings as well as ethnographical art objects from Africa and Oceania.