Hellenic Sports Club For Physically Disabled People Honors the SNF
12 FEBRUARY 2015

On February 8th the grantee organization Hellenic Sports Club For Physically Disabled People (PASKA) honored the SNF for its contribution with an award during an awareness raising event organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens’ Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth.

PASKA organized an awareness event teaching people with kinetic disabilities how to play basketball as well teach the general population more about this experience. The Hellenic Sports Club for Physically Disabled People (PASKA) offers various programs and activities which support both amateur and professional disabled athletes. The programs offer multiple psychological and physical benefits, significantly improving the athletes’ morale, and their willingness and ability to lead a more fulfilling life. PASKA was established in 1987 in Athens and is the first athletic association for people with disabilities in Greece.

Its main goal and philosophy is the creation of permanent athletic structures and facilities specifically tailored for people with physical disabilities. The SNF has supported the organization for its operational expenses as well as the purchase of equipment for various of the club’s activities.