Crisis Observatory Report on the Impact of the Crisis on Access to Healthcare Services in Greece
10 November 2014

The European organization Eurofound has published its recent report on the “Impacts of the crisis on access to healthcare services: Country reports on Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia and Luxembourg”. The country report for Greece was developed by the Crisis Observatory.

As per the report “In the wake of the crisis, many European governments have cut spending on healthcare services. However, in the face of rising unemployment and financial strain, there is an increased need for some healthcare services, while decreased disposable income has made access to healthcare more difficult for many households in the EU. In this context, policymakers and service providers are faced with the challenge of maintaining access to healthcare services. This report explores which population groups have experienced reduced access to healthcare as a result of the crisis. It presents examples of measures taken by governments and service providers to maintain access for groups in vulnerable situations. The report is the final output of Eurofound’s project on the impacts of the crisis on access to public healthcare services, and builds on an earlier working paper providing evidence from data analysis and a literature review. It draws on nine in-depth country studies, and on 31 case studies, carried out in 11 Member States.”

The Crisis Observatory, an initiative of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, was created in order to monitor the economic, political and social aspects of the economic crisis in Greece.

Read the full report here.