The sixth mission of the Mobile Medical Units to Fournoi was completed successfully
29 September 2014

Τhe two state-of-the-art Mobile Medical Units have successfully completed their sixth mission, this time in Fournoi. Following the successful missions to the islands of Kastellorizo, Amorgos, Kasos and Astypalaia, the Mobile Medical Units gave access to the island’s residents to free comprehensive medical care and support. The mission was part of the five-year National Primary Healthcare Education and Promotion Program in island and border regions of Greece, which is supported exclusively by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The Program, which is headed by Dr. Panagiotis Koulouvaris, Head Lecturer at the University Orthopedic Clinic and Scientific Coordinator of the Olympic Village Polyclinic Orthopedic Department, offers the residents of remote areas of the country the opportunity to receive comprehensive, high quality, medical care and support, completely free of charge, by doctors from all specialties and highly qualified scientific personnel.

The mission of the Mobile Medical Units to Fournoi lasted for four days (September 18-21). During this time, the island’s residents had the opportunity to receive medical care and support, completely free of charge, by the group of 23 scientists and doctors from all specialties who accompany the Mobile Medical Units in each mission. The Medical Units offered citizens access to the services of a pediatrician, a gynecologist, a cardiologist, a dentist, an orthopedist, and ophthalmologist, a pulmonologist, a general surgeon, a neurologist, a psychologist, a dietician and an otolaryngologist, as well as to medical equipment required for more specialized needs (a state-of-the-art digital mammography unit, a portable X-ray machine, and a bone density scanner).

More specifically, in Fournoi, the team examined a total of 563 inhabitants out of the approximately 1.173 permanent residents, while it performed 1.850 medical visits and 830 medical tests. These included 140 ultrasound scans, 193 electrocardiograms, 80 X-rays, 193 cardiac ultrasounds, 86 mammography screenings, 78 bone density scans, 30 HbA1C tests and 30 spirometries. 

Furthermore, as part of the program’s contribution to improving the citizens’ quality of life, during the mission to Fournoi, the team gave lectures regarding smoking, healthy eating, sex education to students, parents and teachers. Moreover, the team organized First Aid courses for the island’s residents, soldiers and port officials.

In addition, an artistic advisor accompanying the team conducted art workshops for children and entertained them with creative activities while their parents were examined by medical personnel.

The next mission will take place in the island of Patmos at the end of October.