The Mobile Medical Units Visit Amorgos
24 March 2014

Following the successful first mission of the two Mobile Medical Units to Kastelorizo, the Mobile Units completed their second trip, this time to Amorgos, where they offered free access to comprehensive healthcare services to all of the island’s residents

In the span of five days, the medical team accompanying the Medical Units carried out a total of 2,067 medical visits and 887 examinations. In particular, they performed 214 ultrasound scans, 171 electrocardiograms, 89 cardiac ultrasounds, 79 mammography screenings, 77 smear tests, 77 bone density scans and 42 HbA1C tests. In addition, they diagnosed 25 cases that require immediate secondary care, and which have access to the healthcare services offered by the Olympic Village Polyclinic, for further tests and treatment.

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