The First “Concert in a Pocket” at the VC
31 March 2014

On March 29th the first of the “Opera in a Pocket” series of concerts took place at the SNFCC Visitors Center by the Greek National Opera.

The SNFCC construction site, where the new home of the GNO is being constructed, provided the setting for pieces by Puccini, Wagner, Mozart and the piece “Old Man Dimos” by Pavlos Karrer. All pieces were performed by Maria Mitsopoulou and Petros Magoulas with the piano accompaniment of Sofia Tambakopoulou.

The “Opera in a Pocket” series of concerts, which will take place at the SNFCC Visitors Center every first and last Saturday of the month, are minimal concerts with piano and one or two voices. With the SNFCC, the new house of the GNO, as its only setting, soloists and musicians will make the inaugural connection between the Operatic medium and the new topography created at the SNFCC.

The admission to the events is free.