WWF Hellas and Boroume Join Forces Against Food Waste
28 JANUARY 2014

On January 25th and January 26th, two of the SNF’s grantees, WWF Hellas and Boroume, joined forces in organizing the Festival Against Food Waste. The Festival took place as part of the program Better Life, which is supported exclusively by the SNF. The goal of the festival was to highlight the many aspects of food waste and engage the public through offering suggestions, solutions and tips for using leftover food. Food waste is an important issue on a global level. Each year a European citizen wastes 179 kilos of food, effectively throwing away 590€ per household. Increasing public awareness concerning the important issue of food waste is key to changing patterns and attitudes which has multiple benefits for the society, the environment and the budget of every household.

Renowned chefs prepared imaginative food recipes with leftovers while young guests through a series of workshops learned more about food combinations, the Mediterranean diet, ways how to save food and combat food waste as well as composting.

Moreover Harokopio University organized a workshop for all ages, where participants learned how to read labels on food packaging making it the first decisive step towards combating food waste.

To learn more about the program Better Life visit www.kalyterizoi.gr