Inauguration of the Culture Workshop by the “Network for Children’s Rights”, through a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation
15 October 2012

Taking into account the contemporary needs of the new generation for creative education and cultural awakening, which will function as a launching pad for a better future, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation decided to support the “Culture Workshop”, which was created by the “Network for Children’s Rights” and will be inaugurated on the 19th of October 2012, in the center of Athens.

The “Culture Workshop” is a space for all children that offers a variety of collective creative and leisure activities and initiatives for their spare time. In particular, during the mornings, school groups will have the opportunity to visit the Workshop in order to attend educational programs, borrow books, and take part in artistic and ecological activities, as well as in group games on the theme of children’s rights. Similarly, in the afternoons, children will be able to visit the venue free of charge, in order to borrow books, surf the internet safely, take part in collective activities and interest groups, play, socialize, and get help with homework from volunteer educators and scientists. 

The workshop’s first educational program, which will begin in October, is entitled “Little Librarians in Action” and is based on the method of the inclusive procedure for the organization of the extensive lending library that operates at the Culture Workshop. The primary aim of the program is to acquaint children with the world of books in an enjoyable way, as well as to run a lending library. 

With the help of teachers and scientists collaborating with the “Network for Children’s Rights”, the “Culture Workshop” aims to give children a comprehensive and creative education, as well as to introduce them to the basic parameters of contemporary society, such as technology, sports, art, and nature, and social issues, such as bullying in schools, drugs, and the promotion of health and prevention.