The Stavros Niarchos Foundation announces a new round of grants, as part of its $130 (€100) million initiative
19 APRIL 2012

On April 19, 2012, the Foundation’s Board of Directors approved the commitment of a new series of grants totaling €10.2 ($13.5) million, as part of its three year $130 (€100) million initiative to assist those in need during the socioeconomic crisis in Greece.

The grants will be allocated to 39 organizations and programs throughout the country, focusing on the area of social welfare, with a small number of grants directed towards the areas of education, health & medicine, and arts & culture.  

Following is a list of all organizations and initiatives under their respective program areas:

Social Welfare

Health and Medicine


Arts and Culture

The main purpose of the €100,000,000 ($130,000,000) is to help alleviate the severe consequences of the financial crisis and assist those most in need to navigate through these difficult circumstances in the less painful way possible. For that reason, we are directing our support to non-for-profit organizations that focus on helping those that are most vulnerable. However, the crisis is far reaching and is impacting every level of society, including non-for-profit organizations of every shape and form that have been offering valuable services to the public in many different areas. Many of such organizations have experienced a severe reduction in their budgets, and have seen support wither away. As a result, they are facing a serious crisis that is restricting dramatically their ability to function properly and to offer many of their programs and services. Although, some of these organizations and their programs may not serve directly the purpose that defines the initiative, we have chosen selectively to support a small number of them, since we believe that their services have a significant impact, and that the loss of such services at a time like this will be a major loss to society at large.