Workshop on Wildfire Management and Economic Development in Greece
04 December 2007

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s efforts to protect and preserve nature, as well as immediately act to ensure its revival, are continuous. For every donation that the Stavros Niarchos Foundation awards, there is a strong focus on environmental issues including green buildings and sound ecological operation. The ravaging fires of the past summer however, where major farmlands, towns, villages and animals were destroyed in addition to the human lives lost, shed grief and deep sorrow but also, led experts to research to find more effective ways of managing such man-made disasters. Under this scope, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation-along with the Simon Fraser University and its Professor, André Gerolymatos, as well as the President of the “Greek Organization for the Development of Beneficial Causes”, Leonidas Cambanis- took the initiative to organize a workshop on the Wildfire Management and Economic Development in Greece.