Opening Exhibition of “Topoi” (Places) from the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art
21 September 2007

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is the sole supporter of the “Topoi” exhibition (Places), which displays selected works of Greek and international painters. The artifacts are from the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and are displayed in a thematic series, topoi. The exhibition will run from September 26 through November 25 in Athens, while in Thessaloniki, photos and engravings of the Museum’s permanent collections will be displayed.

The thematic or monographic groupings that will be on display at the Benaki Museum (Pireos Street Annex, Main Building) and the Athens School of Fine Arts, as well as in various other gallery spaces in Athens, constitute approximately a quarter of the 1,600 works the collection holds to date.

This exhibition is intended to challenge current museological trends in displaying permanent collections. The exhibition asks the viewer to consider that all places can be fictitious and that any of us can be part of or can imagine an artistic creation and a time period and its significance.  The exhibit is designed to encourage the free exchange of ideas and the repeal of dogmatism and prejudices.   In February, the exhibition will move to Thessaloniki and may possibly travel abroad.