Mimis Papaioannou Ethos Cup
18 June 2007

The fifth Soccer Academy Tournament will start June 18th at the Herakleion, Crete. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation has announced that it will fund the Soccer Academy Tournament for the third consecutive year. The Foundation is the sole supporter of the Tournament.

The Tournament is organized in honor of the famous football player, Mimis Papaioannou, whose successful career inspires generations of new athletes.  This tournament gives students a unique opportunity to become acquainted with a major personality of Greek football who acquired many distinctions for his enormous contributions to the sport, as well as for his dignity and ethos.  


For the summer of 2007, the Tournament will travel to Crete’s capital from June 18- 23, immediately following the end of the school year and classes. The program comprises 100 12-14 year old students from all over Greece.  The students are randomly divided into teams named after the Greek Gods and philosophers.  The goal of the program is to inspire in children the spirit of healthy competition, and, most importantly, fair play.  


The five-day program will include morning classes on football technique and instruction from dieticians, specialists, doctors and psychologists on other topics of importance. Friendly games will take place in the afternoon.


The winners will be awarded cups, while all participating children will receive athletic outfits and bags, a certificate of participation, Mimis Papaioannou’s book Rendez-vous on Air and various other mementos.  


Also of note is the fact that Mimis Papaioannou, in cooperation with the Education Ministry, organizes a series of visits to schools all over Greece to promote the concept of fair play to students through speeches, video show and discussions. The program for 2007-8 will start in October and involve visits to 16 schools.