Foundation of Infants and Children in Alexandroupolis
20 NOVEMBER 2006

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation inaugurated on Monday, November 20, at 12:00 in Alexandroupolis, the Center for Infants of the Holy Metropolitan Church (H.M.C.) of Alexandroupolis. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation -in order to create a center for the hosting of orphans and children from poor/one parent families- has totally covered all the construction, equipment and furnishing expenses.

This center will serve up to eighty children by providing them with food, shelter and education, while the H.M.C. will try to find surrogate families to adopt them. With the H.M.C’s initiative, all operational expenses will be covered by the local community’s contribution, as well as by the Ministry of Health. This center will be unique in the whole prefecture of N. Greece and will serve all three remote counties, but especially, the greater area of Alexandroupolis.  

In Greece, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation provides support to endeavours that address social welfare and health issues for underserved populations, with a particular emphasis on programs for children and the elderly. The Foundation also provides support for selected arts, culture and educational programs that promote, maintain, and preserve Greek heritage and that demonstrably contribute to the cultural life of Greece.