National Gallery of Art - National Sculpture Gallery
27 JUNE 2006

With support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the two historic buildings of the 19th cent., the stables of Goudi Army Park, have been renovated and modernized to shelter the National Sculpture Museum.

The creation of a National Sculpture Gallery was not only imperative and necessary but also, a National obligation, since there was not a building to shelter all these masterpieces, and especially since, the art of sculpture in Greece has given formidable exhibits of art shapes. In the first of the two renovated buildings the permanent collections of the Greek Sculpture with artworks of the 19th cent., and from the 20th cent., will be housed. The second building will host periodical exhibitions, with emphasis in sculpture, and other forms of art. In that way the public’s interest will be high, since there will always be a strong motive to visit this magnificent site. The park overlooking the two buildings will be an outdoor sculpture museum. 


The inauguration of the National Sculpture Gallery will take place at Goudi Army Park, on Tuesday, June 27th at 20.00, and Mr. Andreas Dracopoulos – Member of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Board of Directors, will represent the Foundation by addressing a short speech.