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Spotlight on 25 Years of Grantmaking: Notes from SNF Communications Officer, Taylor Glazebrook

What’s your favorite part of working at SNF?

My favorite part of working at SNF is that it’s our job to learn. By design, SNF’s work responds to needs on the ground, and we spend our time learning about work people are doing all over the world to improve others’ circumstances, and we are fortunate to work with leaders of their fields. Also, I am continually impressed by how our Programs colleagues are so knowledgeable in their fields. They cover broad areas of work and yet they manage to stay fully up to date on such a wide range of issues – they are a wealth of information!

Has the nature of your work, as part of SNF’s work, changed over the years?

When I started at SNF, I worked in a unique dual role as both a Programs Officer and a Communications Officer. This gave me an important perspective into multiple aspects of our work. Eventually I moved to the Communications team full-time, but my time as a PO has been instrumental to my work in my current role. On Communications, I love that we get to collaborate with our grantees (some of which I worked with as a PO!) to share their work, whether it’s hyper-local or on an international scale.

What’s your favorite fun fact about SNF or its grantmaking work?

Our online application is open to any nonprofit around the world, and even though we receive a high volume of applications, every single one is read and considered by real people!