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Spotlight on 25 Years of Grantmaking: Notes from Senior Information & Technology Officer Eddie Moy

What’s a grant that’s stuck with you over time?

The grants to the FDNY Foundation, the official nonprofit for the New York City Fire Department which provides support for new programs and equipment for the Department, as well as support for FDNY personnel, including in the EMT/EMS division. I have several close family and friends who are part of the FDNY, so this is close to me.

Why is SNF’s mission important to you?

I’ve always been a bit of a history buff, especially of Greco-Roman history back in high school. I’ve always been interested in the history and mythology of ancient Greece, so in a way the Foundation’s mission is just a natural evolution of that interest. The Foundation’s mission to support cultural, social, and civil projects as well as expanding awareness of Greek culture to the greater world is something I am happy to be a part of even as an IT technician. To know that the very same public library I spent so many hours in as a student is being supported by SNF is heart-warming.

What’s your favorite part of working at SNF?

I get to do something I really enjoy every day by helping everyone with their IT problems and expanding my technical skills.

Eddie Moy, Senior Information & Technology Officer, New York
Staten Island local and SNF team member for two years