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SNF Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos in Conversation on the Pandemic, Philanthropy, and Where Society is Headed

In a series of conversations with distinguished interlocutors, Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos shares insights on what the pandemic has revealed, what this means for our hopes for a brighter collective future, and what role philanthropy might play in bringing that future about.

Reflections on Philanthropy: COVID-19, Inequities, and Our Path Forward, with Robin Hood CEO Wes Moore
What did the outbreak of the pandemic reveal about social injustice and racial inequities in our society—and what role should philanthropy play in helping address them? Andreas sat down with Robin Hood CEO Wes Moore for a candid assessment of what we’ve learned so far in the pandemic and how it can help us chart a just course forward toward a more equitable future, published in January 2021. Robin Hood has been a major partner in SNF’s $100 million global COVID-19 relief initiative.

Part One: COVID-19

Part Two: Inequities

Part Three: Our Path Forward


COVID-19’s Impact on Democracy, with Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd
Watch a wide-ranging discussion between Andreas and Asia Society Policy Institute President and former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, recorded in October 2020. They touch on the disconnect between people and policy, the role of philanthropy in society and the sector’s potential for nimbleness, and the lasting changes COVID-19 has wrought on the world, as well as how these changes inform our hopes for the future.


Philanthropy and Current Events, with The National Herald  Publisher Eraklis Diamataris
Andreas joined The National Herald co-Editor and Publisher Eraklis Diamataris for a conversation on philanthropy and current events in August 2020. SNF is a longstanding supporter of The National Herald as an important contributor to Greek-American community life.