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Nemea and Me

Browsing the pages of Nemea and Me, readers are guided through 46 years of archaeological discoveries and research aimed at understanding and protecting Ancient Nemea.

We follow in the footsteps of author, archaeologist, and University of California, Berkley Professor Emeritus Stephen G. Miller, from the beginning of his research at the site to the creation of a 45-acre archaeological park and the revival of the ancient Nemean Games.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) contributed to the publication of the two-volume book by Kapon Editions. SNF has worked with Professor Miller since its earliest years. SNF’s first partnership with the Professor around Ancient Nemea dates back to 1999, with the reconstruction and restoration of the temple of Nemean Zeus.

SNF support continued over the years, throughout the full duration of archaeological research and reconstruction. The end result was the restoration and reconstruction of two of the six columns of the temple of Nemean Zeus and the restoration and conservation of the arched passage leading into the ancient stadium of Nemea.

Through the covers of the two volumes, readers can compare the temple before and after the restoration.