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Folk song, weather, and weaving come together in SNFPHI project covered by Kathimerini

Running through the projects supported in Greece by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Public Humanities Initiative (SNFPHI) is an undercurrent of surprise: of hidden potential revealed, of novel combinations of ideas that unlock new ways of seeing and acting.

This same current runs through a recent Kathimerini article about “Resonate,” an SNFPHI project on the island of Tinos by the Hypercomf artistic team. You might not expect to find artists using contemporary audio technology and artisans at a 124-year-old weaving school collaborating, or to see weather data translated into visual symbols, then from there into both music and textiles. But that’s the “exciting” situation the reporter found on Tinos.

SNFPHI, an initiative from Columbia University supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), aims create a collaborative bridge across the Atlantic, activating latent creative potential in Greece while drawing on the intellectual traditions of one of the United States’ premier research universities.