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Art therapy as a “sanctuary” for patients and caregivers at The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice

At The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow, the organization’s Art Service offers patient-led creative engagement in the form of visual arts activities, for both patients and families. Support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) helped the organization expand this service by offering it an additional day each week.

Family members of young people who have taken part describe a very positive experience both for both patient and caregiver.

From the parent of a young person transitioning out of pediatric care:

"As a carer there is just nothing to help you with the emotional challenge of caring. The service has been most inspirational and supportive and I look forward to attending. I feel calmer. I was completely stressed out when I came in and now I'm a lot better. It has completely taken me away from my worries. I look forward to coming and every week I am introduced to new techniques and paints and gaining the confidence to use them."

"It is very hard to explain such a comforting feeling that the sessions provide. I do this art with my son and seeing him truly immersed and enjoying his art is just wonderful. The worry and stresses of daily life disappear as you enter another world which is safe and caring."

And from the family member of a non-verbal young adult, “A,” who took part in creative sensory play activities:

"A enjoys the activities—this place is all about A. There haven't been many safe spaces to come to over the last couple of months. And I get to enjoy some juice and cake. It's good to take time for myself."

"From the moment we leave the house A is excited to come here. It is a relief that someone is there if I need them."

The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice was recently recognized by Healthcare Improvement Scotland for offering exceptional care.