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Spotlight on 25 Years of Grantmaking: Notes from SNF Office Assistant David Burgos

Aug 25, 2021

Why is SNF’s mission important to you?

It matters to me in the sense that there are a lot of individuals, organizations, people in different countries who are in need of help. If SNF didn’t get involved, it’s one more organization, individual, or country not getting the help they need.

What’s your favorite part of working at SNF?

The people—the coworkers. I’m not connected with the Programs team, I’m not connected with management, but my job is to help both. Working with people is what I enjoy doing, so that’s why I’m an office assistant: I enjoy that.

What led you to join SNF?

I went to Bronx Community College and was going to take a couple of courses, when I saw an advertisement on campus for a carpentry, electrical, etc. course. I took the course, and just as I was finishing, [my now colleague] George Vega called the school also because he had come from there, and said, “We need someone.” So they sent two of us down. 1

The other gentleman who showed up happened to show up in jeans and just a t-shirt. So when I saw that, I said, “This is mine.” I was wearing a two-piece suit with a tie and a white shirt and all. As soon as I walked in, [former SNF New York Office COO and President] Kathryn Louloudis was the first one to see me, and when she said, “This is how you show up to an interview,” I said, “This is my job.” And I’ve been with the company ever since.

I’m grateful for that. Until this day, 28 years later, I’ve never regretted a day working for this company.

David Burgos, Office Assistant, New York
Member of the SNF team for 28 years