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Inauguration of the New Library of the Law School of the University of Athens with the SNF’s support

Apr 05, 2017
On April 4th the inauguration of the new Library of the Law School of the University of Athens took place. The SNF contributed to the creation of the library though a grant, which covered the purchase of all specialized equipment that would allow the library to operate.

The Library of the Law School of Athens is an evolution of the Legal Tutoring - classrooms, which date from the founding of the University of Athens Law School (1837) and ware created in 2017 from the consolidation of previous classrooms - Library of School Divisions.

The new library is housed at the historical building of the former Chemistry Department of the University of Athens, which was designed by the architect Ernst Ziller, was founded in 1887 and was inaugurated in 1890.

The library contains 93,500 volumes of books and 29,000 titles of scientific periodicals, covering both the Greek and international bibliography and equally focusing on all sectors of law.

The library is open to the public from Monday to Friday 8:30 – 18:00