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Dedication of SNF Complex Joint Reconstruction Center at Hospital for Special Surgery

Feb 13, 2019
On Tuesday, February 12th, the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York held a dedication ceremony for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Complex Joint Reconstruction Center (CJRC). Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos and other representatives of the Foundation joined Dr. Thomas Sculco, Director of the Center, and others for the event.

The Center aims to give patients a single point of access to the best possible coordinated care from a team of expert physicians and surgeons, and in so doing, became the first entity of its kind. It includes the first registry of its type in the world to collect information about joint reconstruction and replacement surgery outcomes, laying the groundwork for research that will lead to improved treatment for patients around the globe. The Center draws from the considerable experience and technical expertise of HSS, a world leader in orthopedics and rheumatology that performs more than 30,000 surgical procedures each year.

SNF and HSS have a long history of collaboration. Since 2014, With support from SNF, HSS has hosted an annual seminar for over a decade and currently hosts a month-long academic visitor program. This HSS-Stavros Niarchos Foundation Orthopaedic Seminar Program has brought dozens of Greek surgeons to learn from experts at HSS.

“Having partnered with HSS for over a decade, the SNF has witnessed first-hand the deep commitment of the people of HSS to excellence and progress in orthopedic care,” said Mr. Dracopoulos when the SNF CJRC grant was announced. “We are especially proud to support Dr. Sculco’s vision to improve the lives of patients with the most complex cases of joint reconstruction, and to seek solutions to issues that impact the field at large.”

“This generous gift will improve the lives of countless patients who suffer from debilitating complications or need revision surgery due to failed implants,” said Dr. Sculco on the same occasion. “We are deeply honored by the visionary leadership of the SNF in supporting our endeavor to lessen implant failure, restore function, and relieve pain for patients who need specialized joint reconstructions.”

Mr. Dracopoulos shared a few remarks at the dedication ceremony:" HSS has done the hard work; we have only done the easy work. As Bob [Steel], Lou [Shapiro], and Tom [Sculco] said, we have been together for over 15 years, and we’ve had a great partnership. We are honored to be here, all of us from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Thank you very much for all of the beautiful words. We are really honored to be able to be part of this effort that offers so much—essentially, hope—to all of us as humans. As was said, we are all getting older, hopefully, so most of us here will need to visit HSS at some point, so it’s good to know that we are partners on this. But in seriousness, HSS has been doing amazing work, and as was mentioned—and I really believe in this—it is part of who Tom Sculco is. It is not only about success for HSS; it is about learning new things and then sharing them with the world. That is not a very common thing today. You should be very, very proud, all of you at HSS, for that mentality, which is often taken for granted. Again, we are all very proud to be partners. We wish you good luck. And hopefully we will continue visiting here as visitors and not as patients."