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UCLA announces a new endowed lectureship in Modern Greek

Sep 09, 2022
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has announced the establishment of a permanent new position for a lecturer in Modern Greek.

The SNF & Ioannis P. and Eirini Caloyeras Lectureship in Modern Greek will give UCLA students, who recently gained the option to minor in Greek Language and Culture, the opportunity to dive into the rich world of Modern Greek letters and deepen connections to Greece and across the Greek diaspora.

“Congratulations to the Center on the establishment of this new lectureship, an exciting addition that will benefit students for generations to come,” said SNF Co-Chief Programs Officer Casey Russo. “Familiarity with Modern Greek will allow students to more fully engage with Hellenic culture—which is to say with a vibrant international community of ideas and exchange. From the outset, community and support from partners like the Caloyeras family have been key to the Center’s success, and SNF is proud be a part of this collaborative expansion of educational opportunity.”|

The SNF Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture at UCLA, a hub for teaching and research in anthropology, archaeology, art history, classics, digital humanities, Greek, history, and philosophy, launched in 2020. Cooperative support is baked into its identity; a foundational $5 million grant from SNF in 2017 sparked $4 million in further donations, notably from members of the Greek-American community. The Caloyeras family previously supported an endowment for the arts at the Center, and the new lectureship reflects a new grant from SNF.

As part of SNF’s work sharing Hellenic culture, the Foundation has supported a number of efforts to open up access to Modern Greek language skills, notably through the interactive Staellinika language learning platform.