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The Socialist Awakening, a Νew Βook from Columbia Global Reports

Sep 29, 2020
Confronted with entrenched and growing income inequality, deadly racial disparities, and political and economic systems that seem incapable of delivering fundamental solutions, people in the United States and elsewhere are turning with renewed interest to a very old idea: socialism.
With the failures of market capitalism and the broad-based frustration they have inspired as a backdrop, author John Judis explores how the old ideology reached its newly ascendant status in The Socialist Awakening: What's Different Now About The Left, the latest release from Columbia Global Reports.

A 2019 Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) grant provided support for three books in the series, each offering an insight into a different aspect of the state of democracy around the world. When the first of these, on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, was released in February, we asked Columbia Global Reports Director Nicholas Lemann about the thinking behind the series.