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Supporting the Deinstitutionalization of Children in Greece

Nov 14, 2019
SOS Children’s Villages Greece emphasizes the importance of deinstitutionalization in caring for children. Based on nationwide demographic data and interviews with those running childcare institutions, SOS Children's Villages has developed a comprehensive two-pronged program focused on interventions in childcare institutions and enhancing successful foster care.

A pilot program at partner childcare institutions throughout Greece will provide a range of services, depending on the needs of each child, such as psychological support, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Institution employees will also attend training and informational programs on a wide variety of topics to help gain familiarity with the symptoms of institutionalization, manage relationships with a child's biological family, and more.

At the same time, in support of an effective foster care system, the program offers a range of services involving potential foster parents, employees of child protection institutions, and the entities implementing foster care policies. Services include raising public awareness about the importance of foster care and training foster parents and professionals responsible for implementation.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supports SOS Children's Villages in an effort to reduce the length of time children spend in institutions, to improve their living conditions, and to ensure that the foster care system functions successfully in the long run. SNF also supports an SOS Children's Village program that provides care for infants in foster families who have a long-term goal of adopting them.