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SNF Announces Temporary Pause of Submission of New Grant Requests to NY and Monaco

Dec 28, 2018
Thoughtful partnerships and conversations with current, past, and prospective grantees are the heart of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s work.
The review of new grant requests evolves over the course of months through extensive conversation between Program Officers at the Foundation, our Board of Directors, the organization requesting the grant, and other external partners. Giving each and every one of these conversations the time it deserves is critical to our mission.

At the beginning of the coming year, SNF will be reassessing and updating our internal grant review processes. To ensure that we are able to give each grant request received, each conversation undertaken, and each partner engaged the full care and attention they are due, we will be pausing the submission of new grant requests while this process takes place. Starting on January 1st, and until at least June 30th, 2019, SNF will take a hiatus in receiving new grant requests to its New York and Monaco offices for projects around the world. Our Athens office is taking a parallel hiatus in receiving new grant requests related to projects in Greece. During this period, review of grant requests already submitted will continue, and ongoing SNF initiatives will continue to move forward.

We look forward to accepting new grant requests and engaging with current and new partners once this update is complete. In the meantime, we share our immense appreciation for our grantee partners and the important and impactful work they do every day!