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Record nominations for Tällberg leadership prize signal hope in a better future

May 20, 2024

The Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize, which since 2015 has recognized leaders in any field whose work is innovative, principled, and globally relevant, saw more names put forward though its open nomination process this year than ever before. Tällberg’s newly formulated mentorship program for emerging leaders also saw robust interest.

2,025 people from 149 countries were nominated as candidates for the Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. An additional 818 people from 109 countries applied to participate in the Tällberg Leaders Mentoring Leaders program. Winners of the prize and participants in the program will be selected in the coming months by an international jury.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), which supports the Tällberg Foundation’s efforts to spotlight and uplift stellar leadership, sees the strong interest in the nomination and application as a testament to the resilience of optimism in our shared future. Even in an anxious age, we, collectively, see that people who have a vision for making life better—and have the drive to realize it—abound. This also reflects the fundamental ethos of SNF’s grantmaking: people with great ideas for how to help their communities and others are all around us, and we can help remove some of the barriers that stand in the way of action.

We look forward to meeting the prizewinners and the mentees selected from this record crop of submissions!