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Penn’s SNF Paideia Program announces latest class of Fellows

Apr 20, 2022
They include a budding bioengineer, a future food entrepreneur, and an aspiring academic. They come from rural Pennsylvania and New Jersey, from the capitals of Puerto Rico and Minnesota, from Argentina and China. Twenty-five University of Pennsylvania freshmen from across the United States and abroad have been selected to be part of the latest cohort of SNF Paideia Fellows.

Meet the Fellows

Through courses, co-curricular offerings, and opportunities for practical experience, Fellows will find meaningful integration between their personal and academic lives and their role as community members. They will cultivate habits that allow them to engage in dialogue across cultural divides and contribute as active citizens.

In March 2019, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) announced a $6 million grand to the University of Pennsylvania to imagine a new paradigm for its project of educating students as whole people and citizens. The result, drawing inspiration from ancient Greece and the concept of “paideia,” which indicated the rearing and education of the ideal citizen, is the SNF Paideia Program.